Cobb County Association of Educators

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Facebook: Cobb County Association of Educators

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Treasurer - Lisa Eaton, Campbell High School

Membership Processor - Joy Redmond, Retired

Vice-President -Mary Jo Treccia, Transportation

President - Connie Jackson

Your Officers

Our goal is simple: To be the BEST education organization, PERIOD! To represent, inform, and protect our members so they can concentrate on the children! To make Cobb Schools the BEST!!!


Welcome to the Cobb County Association of Educators!

QuestionPro's non-profit waiver has allowed us to use their program at no cost, which has been a great advantage to us. The system is extremely easy to use. We would encourage any and all non-profit organizations to take advantage of what QuestionPro has to offer.   QuestionPro

 GAE Uniserv Director, Mark Perez

Secretary - Zelda Mosley, Riverside Intermediate